discover energizing options to enhance your life experience

  • classes and groups for meditation, stress reduction, inspiration, and spiritual connection
  • tools for coping with grief and life challenges
  • individual sessions for connecting with your inner wisdom for inspiration and guidance
  • custom designed ceremonies -  weddings, memorial services, any occasion you desire to honor

Most of us would like to experience more serenity, inspiration, and vitality in our everyday lives - at work, at home, and in our relationships.

 Luminous Connections offers experiences to expand your:

  • creativity and inspiration
  • physical vitality and energy
  • resilience for life's challenges and modern busy pace
  • affirmative focus
  • emotional balance
  • experience of your spiritual nature

Joining together to practice guided meditation and explore our spirituality in the company of others with similar intentions is a great way to begin to find more satisfaction, fulfillment and serenity in your everyday life.  Just as joining a gym helps you focus your physical energies in the direction you want to go, so joining in the Luminous Connections classes, groups, and/or individual sessions helps you focus your mental, emotional, and spiritual energies in a healthy, uplifting direction.