your wedding day.

One of the most momentous days of your lives.  You have decided to join your lives and journey forward together in life as a team.  It is a day to celebrate your commitment and your union.  Of course, you have put a lot of time and energy into the reception, the gowns, tuxes, catering, flowers, etc -- and what of the ceremony itself?  It will be that moment - the moment you become officially married.  Often, planning the ceremony can be a little overlooked by couples simply because they are not accustomed to thinking that they have much say about how it is done.

     Your ceremony can reflect your unique relationship and spirituality.

I enjoy helping couples create a beautiful sacred ceremony - meaningful but not boring or stuffy. Together we create a ceremony that is truly the highlight of the day, expressive of who you are -  a moving tribute to your love - something you (and your guests!)  will always remember with joy.

A  wedding ceremony by Judy Rae and Luminous Connections.  Luminous - for the glow that everyone can feel as the meaning of Love is brought to the forefront of the ceremony.  Connections - for the radiant connection between you both - and your connection to your families,  your friends, and of us all to Spirit, God, a Higher Power.  Your ceremony can be infused with the joy of all those connections.

You can be involved in the planning as little or as much as you want.  I can offer suggestions and ideas from which to choose, and we can incorporate your own ideas.   A custom ceremony includes prayers that reflect your spirituality and beliefs, vows that express your style of relating, and your preference for traditional or a less formal tone.  Words and religion are trying to point to the ineffable, that which is beyond words.  So we all may talk about that in a different way, and I believe it is important to use the choice of words that are meaningful to you both.

your ceremony can be as personal and meaningful as everything else about your wedding!

free consultations - on phone, or in person

Wedding ceremonies $375

includes two planning sessions and a rehearsal