"It is with great pleasure that I look back at my wedding ceremony.  We could not be happier about our decision to use Judy Rae as our officiant.  She gave us personal attention and got to know us as a couple.  Her attention to detail and our desires for the ceremony went above and beyond.  Judy Rae's prior experience as an officiant was invaluable as she was able to provide helpful suggestions and ideas for the ceremony.  She created an atmosphere of love and warmth for our wedding.  Her words were not only memorable for my husband and I, but also to our family and friends who witnessed our vows.  Our ceremony was one to remember and Judy Rae is largely to thank for that!"      ---  K.K. and E.K.

"These classes opened my mind and heart up in ways I had not imagined possible.  Learning to meditate was huge for me because until this class I had not been successful. It happened for me in the first class and it has changed my life.  Judy Rae is the perfect facilitator for this group and work."  -- P.F.

" I had the opportunity to co-facilitate American Airlines workshops with Judy Rae.  I personally recommend her for any type of training and facilitation role.  Judy Rae has a passion for helping others succeed and making a difference in other's lives.  The strengths that Judy Rae brings to her work are as follows:

  • a strong customer service orientation
  • excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • strong creativity and innovative thinking
  • the ability to positively influence others
  • excellent communication skills
  • a commitment to quality

She is a great partner and teammate, and a pleasure to work with."  -- S.K.

"Our wedding day was amazing.  We feel very fortunate that you celebrated our joy and happiness.  Thank you for supporting us and being at our side.  Our sincere Thank You for your thoughts, your presence, your wishes, your prayers and your special wonderful gift.  Judy Rae, our wedding vows and ceremony were from heaven above, presented from your heart, spoken from a true angel.  Your love, kindness and generosity will novere be forgotten.  Thank you."  -- CKG and LKG

"This group experience was extremely helpful for me and I loved it!  I always feel amazing after every class.  It has opened me up to help me know situations and life differently.  I needed it and I'm glad I was a part of this beautiful class!  I gained understanding, hope, happiness, and an astounding outlook on my life.  I have the power to create my life and happiness with love, joy, patience, peace, and playfulness.  I loved all of it.  Every experience was better than the last!"   --K.R.E.

"Thank you a hundred times for all your help in making our wedding so special.  Your hard work and dedication is truly appreciated."  -- C.K. and M.K.

"Thank you for the wonderful ceremony!  Your heartfelt words made our day so special." --S.I. & D.I.

"In the Spiritual Awakening Group I learned a new way to be,  with new ways to look at situations and feelings.  I gained an easy way to connect to my higher self.  Overall, it was a cherished experience."  --G.V.