In this 8-week program, you will learn how to experience a greater connection with your Inner Guidance.  Each week, guided meditations and processes awaken your ability to quiet your busy mind and dedicate time for allowing inspiration, clarity, healing, and spiritual guidance into your life.  This is a choice to add to your life a tranquil interval for the cultivation of a spiritual experience that connects you to your deepest essence,  and that allows an opening for you to commune with Spirit, God, a Higher Power.

These meditative experiences can encompass everything from blissful relaxation of body and mind, to an alignment of mental and physical energies with your soul, to a profound and mystical connection with a Power greater than our own for guidance and inspiration.

Oftentimes we attempt to solve our problems and deal with challenges in our lives almost 'running on empty' because we're stretched so far and we're so depleted by trying to control so much.  These classes once a week are a time to begin building into your life a different way to approach things - a more effective way, a way that begins with recharging your energy through calming your bodymind and consciously connecting to the spiritual.  Then you are more open to ideas and answers that are very difficult to see when you are tied up in knots, anxious, angry, or upset.  When you feel those emotions and they are interfering with your ability to function healthily, you know that you are not operating at your most effective and constructive level.  When looked at that way, how can we afford NOT to spend some time on something that will help us deal with life's challenges in a more artful manner, and keep us healthier in mind, body, and spirit?  Sometimes life can feel like an endurance challenge, an obstacle course, or a triathlon.  We readily see how athletes train, develop, and practice skills that assist them in performing stronger and more masterfully.  We do something similar when we go to a fitness center or gym - for good physical health for our body.

In the same way, the 8 week Spiritual Awakening Group is a training of sorts, a fitness center for the mind and the spirit, where healthful meditations are practiced and intentions are fortified that help us be centered, whole, and aligned in our everyday life.  Too often, meditative practices are seen as something out of the ordinary, irrelevant, or complicated,  rather than as a basic and essential path to a more masterful daily stance or attitude that is developed simply through some time dedicated to quiet, to opening the heart to the spiritual.  

This is an experience that is cultivated each week, guided by Judy Rae, a trained and experienced facilitator, and it builds to an attitude and a feeling that, little by little,  carries over into your everyday life.  You find yourself having reserves of calm and harmony trickling into your response to people and circumstances.  The classes are brilliantly designed by Pathways of Light Spiritual College,  to take you beyond meditation, to unfolding a new attitude and way of being into your everyday life,  a way of opening to spiritual guidance consistently.  Instead of looking at and reacting to things in the same old upsetting way, you find yourself opening to fresh ways of viewing things, people, and events. This allows you to respond in new and beneficial ways that preserve your energy and focus, and increases your ability to bring out the best in yourself and others more often.

And, as in a fitness center, you are practicing in the company of others who are interested in gaining a similar benefit to their mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.  It is a shared experience that multiplies as it is played off each other.  Everyone gains from the inspiration of the others in the group.

You are welcome to claim this life-changing experience for yourself - for more aliveness, serenity, and enjoyment in your life.

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