"We are dedicated to joining with people around the world in awakening to the Love and peace of God within us all.  Pathways of Light offers loving and nurturing support for gentle spiritual awakening.  Our focus is on accessing Inner Wisdom for answers rather than seeking outside ourselves... Pathways of Light, a church without walls, is dedicated to following the lead of the Loving Teacher within."  

-from the Pathways of Light Mission Statement  

Judy Rae is available to facilitate most Pathways of Light courses in a group for personal study or for course certification.  The courses use processes and guided meditations to help you access Inner Wisdom and release limited thought patterns.  The courses in Step One of the curriculum are a good place to begin, either for personal study, or ministerial training.

Judy Rae: "What I love about POL courses is the way they are designed and dedicated to being experiential.  That is, taking the ideas and teachings and facilitating an experience of spiritual connection.  It is practical application.  Actual walking the talk spiritual practice.  When you read books, the ideas are largely cerebral until you actually try them out in your behavior and thoughts about particular situations in your life.  POL courses help you apply these concepts to your own circumstances and test drive them, and then incorporate them,  into your own life."

POL courses are inspired by the principles of  "A Course in Miracles".  POL Course 203 is a good introduction to ACIM for those who are interested.

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