Are you bereaved, my brother, my sister? ... are you yearning, searching? ... Rise through earnest prayer... and the Comforter will come into your heart, your vision will clear... and you will know that where you love you cannot lose; for when you love, you are united in love; there is no separation...there is no death, only a change of conditions, only a different state of life... Yes, the soul outlives its clothing, enters into greater opportunity and joy;  in spirit there is no separation. You cannot be separated from love.”   —- White Eagle

A memorial service for a loved one can be a time of sharing comfort, memories, tears and laughter as we honor the person that we love, and the life they lived while here on earth.  It is a time to connect with family and friends, pray together for strength, and join in expressing our love and remembrances.

As I learn from you about your loved one, the memorial service I design becomes more personal.  It becomes a reflection of you and your family's spirituality and beliefs, and of the particular uniqueness of your loved one and his or her life.  I see my role as one of guiding everyone to join together in prayer, speaking with love and respect about your loved one, and affirming the continuity of life and love.  I will meet with you in person, or if you prefer, talk with you over the phone.                           

Our loved ones are now in God's loving hands, cared for with a Love that is beyond human comprehension.  In sharing and community, our burdens are made lighter, our memories stronger, and our love affirmed.

"Death therefore does nothing but to reunite man with God.  Because to Whom the soul truly belongs, to Him we return sooner or later.  Truly, behind the veil of death a life is hidden that surpasses the comprehension of all on earth."                -- Inayat Khan


Free consultations by phone or in person

Memorial Services $200

Includes one planning session