"Balm For the Heart" is a 4 part weekly group program designed to give support, comfort, and offer tools for coping with the tremendous emotional and spiritual challenge that grief can often be.   Mourning can be a time of unremitting disturbance that often does not allow our bodies, minds, and hearts any breathing space.  Joining together in a safe space, and guided in meditation, we find a soothing respite from turbulent emotions and tense, weary bodies.  

For many, there are great adjustments that have to be made after a loved one passes on.  The stress and difficulty of finding relief tempts us to use coping methods that, if used exclusively,  may not be good for us in the long run - alcohol, food, drugs, and shopping, to name only a few.  In this group we begin to reap the benefits of an alternative go-to approach to relieving the strain -  guided meditations designed specifically for grief, to relax us and connect us to a Higher Power.  This can immediately begin to rachet down the pressure on our bodies, minds, and hearts.  With repetition, this is an invaluable addition to our coping skills, that can greatly increase our ability to bear the sorrows and heartaches of life.  Not only that, but we can raise our selves to a level where we can actually sense our own spiritual nature and that of our loved ones - key to our new relationship with them, and our new life.

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