Judy Rae has been a certified facilitator and ordained minister through Pathways of Light for over 20 years. She offers classes and groups that include meditation, spiritual growth and awakening, and grief coping.  She officiates weddings and other ceremonies, and facilitates Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling for individuals. In addition to having a B.A. in Speech Communication, she has taken graduate coursework in Counseling.  Now retired from American Airlines, part of her work there, and earlier at Great Lakes Airlines, included facilitating training classes and customer service skills workshops. Married to her husband Dan for 35 years, she is a mother and a grandmother. 


Judy Rae's spiritual studies and practices have been plentiful over the years.  She has a passion for learning new things, especially those of a spiritual nature. Some of the teachings she has particularly focused on integrating into her life and classes are those of A Course in Miracles, Pathways of Light, the Power of Now, Abraham-Hicks, and The Way of Mastery.  

She appreciates practical ways to apply this knowledge - to actually 'walk the talk' and live your beliefs and intentions.  Synthesizing these teachings with her own inspirations and practical experiences, she has a way of sharing and expressing the concepts in an enthusiastic and inspiring manner for individuals and groups,  in classes or ceremonies.  Each experience dynamically comes alive in its own way to benefit all who are participating.

 A connection to God, to Spirit, that gives resilience, serenity, and vitality, is a powerfully energizing practice that is too often overlooked in our busy materialistic society.  This connection is key,  no matter the words you use to describe it.  Words and religion are trying to point to the ineffable, that which is beyond words.  So we all may talk about that in a different way.  Judy Rae enjoys bringing the spiritual component of life to the forefront and helping people create a place for it in their everyday lives.  And this she does with enthusiasm, believing that peace is not something weak or wimpy - it brings forth great strength, vibrancy, and aliveness!  Peace and spirituality are not meant to be stiff and boring, but energizing and uplifting.  The aspiration is to invigorate your everyday experience with your spiritual connection and practice.