"A Course in Miracles is a book about miracles.  But what does the Course mean by a miracle?  A miracle, according to the Course, is an inner healing.  A miracle is an experience of God's love.  A miracle is what happens when we allow God to transform our thoughts and perspectives.  They are gifts from God that help us to experience our lives in a completely new way."       --  Dan Joseph


    "Just as there are stars and then superstars, there are books and then Great Books. ...For many of us, A Course in Miracles is one of these.  It opens the heart to healing and hope and to enlightenment and love.   Great books don't just inform us;  they change us.  They address not only what we think, but how we think.  They spark explosions within our brains and miracles within our hearts. That is why I first read A Course in Miracles, and why I still read it.  For me, and for thousands, perhaps millions of other people, A Course in Miracles is a miracle in itself... Where we had viewed the world through the eyes of fear, suddenly we see new hope revealed."          --- Marianne Williamson

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An Overview of A Course in Miracles      Pathways of Light 

 Pathways of Light is an invaluable resource for the study of A Course in Miracles.  From study courses to daily lesson insights to blogs to prayer help, to name just a few,  POL offers an array of beneficial and practical options for anyone desiring to delve further into this marvelous set of writings.

Judy Rae is credentialed through POL to facilitate many of their ACIM study courses.  Please refer to the POL website and/or call or email Judy Rae for more information.